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Friday, July 25, 2014

Why do some books sell and some don’t?

If I had the answer to that question, I would be a millionaire. I ask one of my fans who has read all of my books, which one was his favorite. He said Slayer of the Osgarth. I found that interesting because that is one of my worst performers sales wise. It is a really good book, but it’s just not going anywhere. Even with a 4.7 star rating.
So now I have renamed it Wizards and Heroes because I was told by several people that ‘Slayer’ was a bad word to use in a title and nobody knew what an Osgarth was.  I have put it on a $0.99 special and I have redone the cover.
 So if you want a good read that is in the Fantasy genre and is a whole lot of fun, pick up your copy of Wizards and Heroes today.


  1. I just finished 'slayer' and I gotta tell you, I really enjoyed it. Although I also enjoyed the elvenshore series, this book entertained me more. I would put this up against some of Terry Pratchett's work.
    I'm glad I came across your books.